The pride of the RVA, one time I saw these guys mop the fucking floor with like, three other bands. A very poorly attended show; still one of my all-time fave gigs I've ever been witness to. Michael (bassist) even bought me a bunch of beers after the gig as well! He also did time in Gwar and was famous for his "steak bass" (which he told me was stolen by his ex-girlfriend). Damn.

Kepone's 'Ugly Dance" is just that; a powerful, angular, dissonant wall of controlled chaos cranked out by a TRUE "power trio"...

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Kepone - Ugly Dance

* Re-upped 11.292.008*


  1. how's this compare with their self-titled album on Quarterstick? LOVE that record.

  2. I'd say this is my favorite LP they did. My favorite thing they did is the "295" single on AT...

  3. KEPONE fucking ruled. So good! I first checked them out because of the GWAR connection (I was like 14 then, but I still love GWAR!) My favorite Gwar songs were often the ones that Mike Bishop wrote and sang on. I never got to see them play, but I was re-reading an old MRR the other day and in it, Adrianne Droogas says that Kepone was 'the best band she had ever seen'. So I guess your opinion of thei live show is seconded somewhere! I have both of their LP's, but I definately have to second the opinion that the Alternative Tentacles 7" is my favorite by Kepone.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Ebob. I done linked your blog(s) - amazing stuff!
    I love it when I find new blogs full of awesome stuff, always makes me feel like "where the hell have I been", ha ha.


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