Um, this is one of my favorite hardcore records of all time.
It's not even two years old yet, but it fuckin' delivers.
These guys are hard to beat...

Land O' Smiles.
Game Two.

D/L Raw Radar War - Double Equals right here.


  1. you hit the nail on the head. this band kills.

  2. Yo, what's up Jason.
    After your write up on this shit, I want to hear it, but the link seems to point back to your page.

    Thanks for posting all this quality sound.

  3. Max - I fixed the link, so go for it.
    Sometimes it's pretty late when I post, so mistakes happen. ugh...

  4. Set to private as well...

    Thanks again for all the rad shit.

  5. Go for it, I opened it back up...

  6. Damn. This rules. Thanks.


  7. thanks for this dood.

  8. COOL...I screenprinted this cover for Land O Smiles...also their Fistula and Rape-X 12"ers.

  9. Jonah is a fuckin' rad dude.
    I've corresponded with him for years, and a 12" copy of this sits proudly on the wall above my bed :)

  10. Digging through the archives here. Your blog is the biz-niz.

    I tell ya, Jonah is one of my alltime favorite singers. Everything he touches is freakin' gold and on top of that, he's just a plain sweetheart. Easily one of the nicest guys in the Boston rawk scene.

    Didja ever listen to either of the Milligram cds? The 2nd one, "This is Class War" is a masterpiece (in my opinion, of course!).

    Man, I miss living in that city...

  11. Patrick -

    Jonah is a good friend of mine.
    I just talked to him earlier today actually.
    The dude is probably the most well-read guy I know, and he's always the go-to guy for me when I need something good to read.

    My other favorite Jonah band besides RRW & OLW is Miltown.
    I've been bugging him for years now, trying to get him to give it up, but he's holding out for some German dude to put it out I guess.

    Thanks for stopping by, come back often :)

  12. Hey man, I was just looking through your blog, haven't been by in a while....although I've been meaning to give you a shout for years. I'm Mario, and I play guitar and do some background vocals (gut busting) in Raw Radar War...I love that you thought enough of us to post the album up here. We're actually finally getting some new stuff together for another record....for the last year and half we've really only done some compilations and 7 inches.....we actually have one coming out soon where we did a cover of the Crumbsuckers "Sit There"...we'll be sure to hook you up with that and some other stuff we've done. Cheers bro! Keep up the good fight! Let us now if you ever make it out to this neck of the woods....

  13. Thanks for the kind words, Mario - you are a cro-magnon shredder, dude, and that's a good thing!

  14. Just checked out their song "Truckloads of ammunition" and I was stoked and also Milligram was fucking great. thanks for uploading this! Hope to see them live when I'll be in boston!

  15. Thanks for the link, Fibro - I just added you as well.
    RRW is an awesome band, Jonah is a great human being as well...

  16. this morning i sat down behind my computer at the fucking office when this tune came to my head: CRUCIFY ME, CRUCIFY ME, CRUCIFY ME... just HAD to listen to it straight away, googled it and the first hit was this blog.. i really need to buy this album soon, it's so good... now i need to check out that crumbsuckers cover!


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