Hard to find any web presence for these German death-n-roll / grindmetal/core monsters, so I can't really point you anywhere for more info other than their Metal Archive listing. Shit I couldn't even dig up a decent photo or video, but let's just let the music do the talking, okay?

Enjoy the two-album d/l and leave me a message in the shoutbox or a comment or something, willya?

D/L Systral's "Black Smoker" & "Fever" releases right here.


  1. ok, systral...their bassplayer dirk runs kuschelrockstudio! go to your records and look up where nearly every record released on per koro rec was recorded (it´s cool to record there! did it with my band so I know what I´m talking about!)! their 1st 7" was recorded as a kind of project, just dirk and his brother (?) I got the fever cd somewhere so if you want the 7" or the split 7" with acheborn drop me a line on my blog!

  2. Hey man...i'm liking what you're doing. Well done! As for Systral, also check out Morser. I think there's a formal connection, though I'm uncertain exactly which members are in which band. Similar vibe. And Systral is the source of one of my biggest record store bumouts ever...was in one of those shitty used record stores with like all cutouts and promos, and I'm looking through generic "S" when i find the case for "Black Smoker" for 99 CENTS!! So I RUN to the register, and the motherfucking CD is gone. No disc. Fuck. Great band, though.

  3. I lived in Germany for about a year and a half. I met Sven from Morser at least a couple of times and I recall hearing that Systral was actually the first band of the two that started... but for some reason Morser took the front seat, was more prolific (releases and shows) and so is viewed as the bigger of the two. Love both bands... My question is this: what is the order of these two releases? Which is first and second?

  4. http://www.metal-archives.com/band.php?id=42365

    says fever is from 1996


    Black Smoker is from 2000.

    Thanks for stopping by...


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