Did a Treepeople post not too long ago - here's an offshoot of that band (sorta), the mighty Caustic Resin. Brett Netson is a waaaay underrated guitar-slinger for sure, busting out with some dirty hot-shit sludge-heavy blues/rock riffage.
Not sure if this band is still alive or not - hope it ain't over yet!

(Don't let the word "blues" scare you away as these guys make records that are perfect for that late night long drive home)...

Official Website.

D/L Caustic Resin - Keep On Truckin' right here.

I don't usually post YouTube videos, but I dig this one...

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  1. Hey man, I just started listening to this but already like it, maybe it just fits my mood at the moment, or my mood gets easily adjusted to music like this, which probably is a quality of good music. First association were the Screaming Trees, but from the third track I can't help but thinking of a resemblance with Frusciante! The vocals are very alike, as well as the crazy, impulsive freak out screams and guitar yells. Me like. Thanks!


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