I've always thought the term "stoner rock" sucked.
Most stoner rock bands can't write a riff to save their lives, or they think that it all starts and ends with Kyuss.
Thankfully, Monster Magnet is NOT a stoner rock band. Close at times, but NOT stoner rock in my opinion.

I've also always thought that Monster Magnet were a great band, but wondered why Dave Wyndorf couldn't check his drugs/ego long enough to write another "great" record after "Dopes To Infinity".

This time he has.

While I like bits and pieces of each M.M. record since "Dopes", this one is the first record since then that sounds consistent to me - I only "don't like" 1 1/2 songs on it.

Great driving record...

Official Website. (Time to U-P-D-A-T-E it, ya fucks!)

D/L Monster Magnet - 4-Way Diablo right here.

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  1. Thanks for this one - link is still good. Just realized that Ed Mundell is on this release.
    Great work on the blog, as well.

  2. Very good rock n roll shit!!!!!!


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