I've had a love / hate relationship with these guys over the years, but nowadays when I listen to them WITH MY EARS I realize just how amazingly fucked-up and GOOD they really were.

Won't be another band like this, I'm sure of that.


D/L Cows - Whorn right here.

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  1. Oh man, I fucking love the Cows. Did you ever catch these guys live, Jase?

  2. I saw them a few different times over the years. More often than not, it wasn't that entertaining (sad to say) flopping around onstage due to alcohol doesn't do much for me, but I DID see them one time during this tour where they were fucking awesome, and of course Kevin Rutmanis was the man to watch. He totally tortured his bass the whole time; eyes rolled back, etc. I miss shows like that...

  3. Oh shit, The Cows! Recently snagged their first LP on Treehouse Records -- Taint Pluribus and made a CD copy of it.

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    1. Hey Fuckface - This blog has been in active for for over a year now - this post is nearly 7 years old as well. NO.


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