The best band from Seattle (sorta) that never fit into the whole grunge-thing.
This band still stands the test of time in my opinion as far as writing big, fat hooks that don't sound rehashed or - even worse - "pussy".
Even better is the fact that this band originated in that "hotbed of rock-and-roll" Boise fucking Idaho...

Official Website?

D/L Treepeople - Something Vicious For Tomorrow / Timewhore right here.

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  1. Fuck, yeah, Boise rules!!!

  2. I liked these quite a lot thanks for the post

  3. You should hunt down Stuntman. After Doug left, they did one last record under the Treepeople name, but then continued on as Stuntman and did two (i think?) records. Apparently Scott Smaljohn had a new band that Doug was going to record called The Hand, but I don't think anything happened with that.

  4. Andy, you got any of that?
    I wish I did...
    Brett Netson was just on town last weekend, took him out for burritos.
    Think I'll post some Caustic Resin now that I think about it...

  5. I definitely have some of the Stuntman shit, and my friend Ryan has evreything, so I'll hit him up to. He somehow met one of the dude's mom (no joke!) and she hooked him up with all these rarities and shit.

  6. Andy - You should do a post on Stuntman, OR you could send me .zip file so I could "rock out"to it ;)

  7. check this out

  8. I would really love to see some of State of Confusion or Stuntman around, I haven't been able to track any down myself. Itchin to hear it

  9. Lo-Res Viscera8/04/2009 10:42:00 PM

    I have no idea idea who that is - you got me intrigued now though, ha ha.
    State of Confusion I no longer have, but will try to track it down. Great stuff.

  10. Well Stuntman is what I was reading about above here ^^ from Andy. I'd heard of them before, the post-treepeople band after doug left.. Yeah man, if you find some that would really be cool


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