While the DK's were one of those "gateway" bands for me early on in my teenaged punker years, I found myself listening to them less and less after "Plastic Surgey Disasters".
Not that I don't still like them, but I think I'd like them better the less I heard / knew about Jello Biafra. Forcing people's politics down other peoples' throats - whether it be about the government OR your band - is a turn off.
Anyways, that's just my opinion - form your own.
Here's a great demo of what I consider to be a "classic" hardcore record.

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Dead Kennedys - Plastic Surgery Disasters (Demo)

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  1. Seen the band, met the man and heard most of his recordings, band and solo, music and spoken word. The only consistent intent is that he often adopts a challenging pose onstage with a vocal delivery that dares others to wake from their self-absorbed consumerist slumber and smell the ass-reaming coming from every quarter. If that's 'forcing politics down others' throats', then bring on the barf bags and second helpings please. ~stup

  2. Stup - Thanks for your comments.
    I too have met the man, seen the band, & tried to sit through his spoken word.
    While I usually agree with what he has to say, at times there is something that just doesn't seem so much different from what he is rallying against now and then - maybe it's just me - but I like to think for myself (and come to my own conclusion )most of the time.

    I think they were a great band for the time, and maybe (most likely) the fact that I live in SF makes me a bit jaded to Jello's whole trip.

    Thanks for the great comment and for stopping by :)

  3. Awww man....hunka-hunka-burnin' log! I'm too late...Damn!

    I agree with both opinions on certain levels. Met him, saw both lineups of the band with him and with Brandon Cruz (who did a pretty damn good job-although I'm a die hard Dr. Know junkie with and without him in that band as well!) spoken word is alright and even sometimes downright humorous at times. He does have an air of self righteous pretentiousness and even snottiness at times but, eh. It's all entertainment at the end of the day and if someones opinion or mind was changed or even opened up to a different viewpoint then that's okay.

    To add an afterthought; Concerning the guy that replaced Brandon Cruz, forget about it. Let the sleeping corpse rest.

  4. Elvis - I re-upped this just for you, enjoy!

  5. Thanks for the DK demo! Your blog is all quality!

  6. Muito foda o classico do DK em demo..perfeito!


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