Absoluteley stellar fucking old-school thrashcore.
These guys could shred like few in the genre could back in the day, and this record still gets played ALOT around these parts...

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B.P. @ Punk History Canada.

D/L Beyond Possession - Is Beyond Possession right here.

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  1. Dig the blog
    could you please repost this?i've been loking for this for ages

  2. Give me a few days and I'll get it up for you. Sick as fuck right now...

  3. right on,
    that nasty bug has been kickin a few of my friends ass'

  4. thank u,
    i lived in madison Wi. from 84-91 and saw these guys in a tiny place called 'okay's corral' they blew everyone away and ended up staying the night at my friend mike's house
    man i wish i had help onto all my old vinyl, thank u again and the blog fuckin rules

  5. Incredible live band. I heard that this record, the EP, and a few other tracks were released on CD a few years ago.

    I ripped this from the cassette I own, but the quality isn't as good as I'd liked. Is this from the CD or a vinyl rip?

    Thanks for the great music!

  6. Haiz -

    This was ripped from vinyl...

    There was a CD containing all that you mentioned released a few years back, but it disappeared as quick as it came - wish I had gotten one.


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