Probably my favorite AmRep band, these guys put out a few good records that I can still listen any day of the week.
While I am also a big fan of the first album, it was this one that I played day after day after day for a long time; more so than the rest.
After (highly underrated) guitarist Paul Sanders left the band, I gave up on these guys.
Vaz never did shit for me either.
This record is heavy and melodic and brooding and rockin'.

Where the fuck are you, Paul Sanders?

D/L Hammerhead - Into The Vortex right here.

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  1. Great timing! I've been spinning Into the Vortex off and on this past week. I am right there with you on that I can't think any other AmRep band that I really liked more than these guys.

    I generally go back and forth between Duh, the Big City and this album. Both are completely punishing and great albums. First one sure isn't bad either.

  2. Paul Sanders is now the guitar player in Shannon Selberg's (you remember him as the singer from the Cows) Heroine Sheiks. He just joined apparently about 6 mos. ago. I believe they are recording, and will be touring in 2008. Thanks for posting this album. Saw Hammerhead MANY, MANY times, and they always delivered....

  3. Glad to know that Sanders is back in action.
    I saw Hammerhead a few times as well, and he always used interesting guitars/equiptment.
    Totally unsung player for sure; reminds me of Greg Ginn in a few ways...

  4. know a little of them, so it's an appreciated choice. if you check my blog you'll know who is my favourite on AmRep... well done, thank you so much

  5. Any chance of you uploading other albums by them?

  6. I'll see what I can do (in a few days)...

  7. what a great post. best noise next to Cherubs, but so depressing.

  8. I'm gonna post up some Cherubs soon as well, there will never be another band like that!


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