Man, the Detroit music "scene" could sure use another band like these guys after the embarassment that cock-smokers like Big Chief, Eminem, I.C.P., Kid Rock & the White Stripes have made of the history of Motor City music, that's for sure.

Underrated and under-appreciated powerful emotive hardcore (without being pussies and minus the haircuts/eyeliner/womens' jeans)...


D/L Thoughts of Ionesco - The Scar Is Our Watermark right here.

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  1. thoughts of ionesco, possibly my favourite band. it's great to see them get some recognition. great blog. keep up the fine work, it's really appreciated. best wishes.

  2. Listening to Thoughts Of Ionesco for the very first time. I really like what I'm hearing, although maybe it reminds me a bit too much of all the other crappy bands who also tried to play in this style and failed. Some songs remind me a whole lot of Fugazi, especially the singing that resembles Guy Picotto's voice.

  3. Another fine pick, my friend. LOVE LOVE LOVE these dudes. Wouldn't have figured you a fan, though.

  4. I've got a ripped copy of "For Detroit, From Addiction" from these guys if you're interested. Will also have "A Skin Historic" in a few days.

    Fucking stellar band, so happy to finally have my hands on their music.

  5. I would definitely welcome rips of both of those records. Hit me up at my email, willya? thanks

  6. This band is heavy, but there's something different about it. Really painful and haunting. I'm not sure it would be healthy for me to listen to this daily. My god. Are they from the punk scene or what?

  7. fucking intense shows. i did cover art for them, and they're good guys, but very on-edge. excellent music.

  8. I've still got all the Thoughts Of Ionesco stuff on disc, and a few on vinyl. Went to many of their shows in the Detroit area back in the mid/late '90s. They were astounding. Sean went on to do solo stuff as Sean Madigan Hoen...and then there's his Leaving Rouge project & the Holy Fire (none of which are brutal hardcore metal, alas)

  9. Awesome band and what a beautiful & intriguing name. They capture that Godflesh vibe, with the brimming yet restrained anger and the lovely noisiness, without sounding like them.
    Thank you for posting this.

  10. Thanks for the great comment, Goatfather.
    I went ahead & linked you - awesome writing!

  11. And thank you too for the kind words. Awesome stuff you've got here, linked you as well.


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