For over 15 years now Phobia has been destroying eardrums with their brand of grindcore that somehow (after what seems like a million releases) never gets stale or repetitive.
Definitely masters of the genre, I hope they never go away...

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Phobia - Destroying the Masses

*Re-upped 08.25.08*


  1. 3 years down the track & noone has commented on this post or that guys hair? I have a general dislike for the 'white folks with dreads' look but there is something to be said for looking like you are being attacked by a giant spider. Barely managed to stop myself going off on a tangent that everyone on the planet these days between the ages of 12 & 60 seems to have lots of generally really crap tattoos and dresses like a 1984 punk although they listen to god-knows-what blah blah blah... oops

  2. I'm right there w/ you, seAAoxen.
    Most of the time, those same people that you (and I) hate on don't even bother to stop by long enough to say "this sucks" or whatever whilst D/L from your blog...


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