Recently dug this one up from a box in my garage; forgot how fucking good metalcore was before they called it metalcore. Saw these dudes with 108 and the mighty Coalesce way the fuck back in the day.
Still one of the best shows I ever attended. Great fucking record!

D/L Bloodlet - Eclectic right here.

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  1. This CD is a true blast from the past. This CD is the result of three 7"S.
    Bloodlet "s/t" 7", 1993
    Bloodlet "Husk" 7", 1993
    Blooodlet "Shell" 7", 1994

    Good stuff.
    For a split second, this CD was going to come out on some small Seattle label....I forget the name but I do recall the label housed bands like: NO ESCAPE, RINGWORM, and some other great ones.
    But in the end...Victory Records put it out, back when they balls (1995-1998). DON'T ARGUE WITH ME!
    I saw this band play in a small church, in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Great show! I bought a Bloodlet shirt at the show, but I am sorry to say I had to eventually traded it for an ASSUCK t-shirt.

    Good times!

  2. Yeah, this is my favorite record by these guys. It would put a lot of bands to shame if it were released today, I think.
    Its too bad Tony Victory became an even bigger ass candle than he already was; his roster b.i.t.d. was pretty phenomenal - not "pretty" like these days!

    Bloodlet shirt or Assuck shirt? Either way a good shirt - thanks for the great comment/story :)

  3. saw this guys once with I can´t remember whom! but I remember that they made no breaks between their songs playing the whole set as one long song! they were pretty impressive!

  4. these EPs are easily their best material imo. thanx for sharing this.

  5. LOL! Wow, great post! I have this one somewhere in one of my milk crates, too! I saw them in a small club, I'm thinking it was in Modesto...anyways, bro, thanks for more memories!

  6. I like all of their records...and have to say I prefer Entheogen over this one. I saw them in Washington DC on a few occasions. Damn powerful.

    At least one time was with other pre-assclown Victory band, Deadguy. Fuck.

    And I still have a Entheogen hooded sweatshirt. I'm a fucking nerd that way.

    .: Chris

  7. I had this cd too.. I miss metal/hardcore from the early to mid 90s.

  8. If I am feeling you right, the label you are referring to would have been Excursion Records perhaps?

    Regardless, this is one of hardcore's finer moments in the past 12-15+ years. Completely mind-blowing band, even when people hated them for getting all "hippy" and "stoner"... I was always floored when seeing them.

    Syracuse had so much love for them, they would drive up from Florida just to play a one-off show.

    I miss creatively original bands like this these days.

  9. this takes me back to when i was a lad at basement shows. Everyone was straight edge, but it was pre-kickboxing straight edge.

    love those nineties!


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