In the late 90's there was an all-female band from Sao Paulo, Brazil that played some solid hardcore you may not have heard. Well, now is your chance to check them out.
This was just released on 625thrash records, so definitely BUY IT. I picked my copy up for less than $13 shipped from RevHQ.
Here's the whole discography from these blazingly hot Brazilian hardcore-thrash queens.
I was really glad this collection has seen the light of day as they have been a favorite band of mine for years now.

(Dibs, yo)...

D/L Infect - Complete Discography 1998 - 2003 right here.

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  1. Man I always look forward to your next post and this one was worth the wait. Thanx.

  2. You're welcome, glad you like it, and thanks for stopping AND for leaving a comment BUT if you start outright stealing my links and site design like you did on http://sludgeswamp.blogspot.com I'm gonna be fucking PISSED.

  3. wow, this is some great stuff, thnx for the post.

  4. Thanks for the download. It's like a female Los Crudos.

  5. Hey, my brother, thanx big time for this post! I remember jammin' to these girls back in "tha day"!

  6. Haven't listened to this band before, but I expect them to be great. Can't fail with girls playing angry music!
    Judging by previous comments I think I'll like this band, so thanx in advance!


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