Every now and then when I'm rummaging through my music collection I come across stuff that I have no clue as to when I got it, let alone even knowing what it sounds like - does this ever happen to you? Anyways, I was just checking this out, and the best I can tell is that it is Belgian in origin and is a fucking crazy mix of technical death-grind-thrash. Really interesting/chunky riffage, complete with some seriously off-kilter time changes that totally work without coming off like that spastic art-noise-grind (fake) shit that seems to be popular with the kids nowadays.

If anyone has a rip of their latest record "Telesis", send it my way please.

(And now back to my ice cream)

D/L Emeth - Reticulated right here.

Now playing: Detestation - Why Do They Cry


  1. sounds familiar. i tend to run across cd's i got from bands on tour that i have never even opened. some of em ar quite good, most are unopened for a reason! ha ha. gonna have to check these guys out. sorry to hear your truck broke down in cupertino man. i lived there for a year back in the eighties. off stevens creek near lawrence. rancho rincanada... good times, and memories, unless of course your shit is breakin down there.

  2. Yep, my truck is getting fixed at a 76 station near Miller/Stevens Creek. I should have known not to drive down there, cuz the night before I was at a friends' house in Berkely for dinner & it wouldn't start at first. Thought it was just vapor lock or something. For a '96 Bronco w/ 143k on it it never lets me down, so i don't fault it. SHe's a good girl, and she just needs a little more attention I suppose.

  3. seems like all my shit is breaking these days. that's the problem with owning stuff that's as old as i am. 143k is hardly there yet though. sounds like there should be many more miles to go on that one. hey, i don't know jack about calabazas cyclery, but i do know a bike mechanic in campbel who has been building, riding, and racing bmx, mountain, and road bikes since he was your boy's age. email me if you want his number...


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