Grabbed this off Soulseek last night - the release date is mid-April - and gave it the true test of a late night ghetto-cruise around S.F.
Needless to say it passed my test as I played it again this morning on my way to a bike ride in Golden Gate Park.

This record is MUCH better than "Confrontation" - which wasn't all that bad - but coming off of "A Deleted Symphony"...well, THAT record (and their previous output) is hard to beat in my eyes.
Good to see that these guys have come to be a cohesive unit once again after years of (huge) personal setbacks, etc.

*The only thing I do not like about this record is the incredibly shitty cover artwork*

D/L Soilent Green - Inevitable Collapse In The Presence Of Conviction right here.


  1. love this band + i can't wait to get this cd. i liked confrontation a lot... these guys have never disappointed me though. thanks!

  2. Ahem what's up!!!
    You NEED to bring your blog back, man...

    Don't get me wrong, I dig confrontation too, but "A Deleted Symphony" completely kicked my ass with it's technical brutal grind. Hard to beat for me.

    Been enjoying the fuck out of this one...

  3. Cheers man. I have never heard any Soilent Green before but am going to give this a listen based purely on the fact that THE COVER ARTWORK ROCKS MY FUCKFLAPS OFF.

  4. Dude, I totally dig "fuckflaps" !!!

    The cover artwork is okay, but it kind of reminds me of stuff like that 50's comic book "The Spirit" or something. Not that I don't dig that stuff too, but it just doesn't look very "brutal" per se. Forget what I just said - the music speaks for itself ;)

  5. Man, that cover is soooo bad. Oh man! What the heck, Soilent Green shed!
    But.... I can top it (cover)! You want to see horrible???? Do you!? Copy & paste this URL below!



  6. Funny you posted that Dead to Fall thing cuz I took one look at that a while back and decided they weren't worth listening to. They always reminded me of a second-rate Darkest Hour in a way. That cover also reminds me of that latest Between the Buried and Me record. Wasn't a fan of that record either...


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