No big explanation or history lesson this time around, here's the second record from L.A.'s controversial hardcore / sXe legends, Strife. Heavy-meets-hard on this in a way that most current hardcore bands can't seem to get a grip on.

Word has it that they are playing a few shows again in the near future, and I am pretty sure this is one old-school reunion that WON'T suck...

D/L Strife - In This Defiance right here.

***If anyone downloaded Converge - Live at The Collective 2005 from me, could you PLEASE send me a .zip file of that show as I don't have it any more and I can't seem to track it down anywhere. I'd appreciate it!***


  1. Nice one! I'm actually a late bloomer on Strife. Late last year there was this sale on a record bar here and I think I got 3 Strife cds. I'm not really into them at that time and thought I'd just check 'em out (for half a buck per cd, It's worth giving it a try). After listening, I thought that they are a fine band and that I really got a good bargain.

  2. That fucking singer always looked like he had a package of hot dogs for a neck.

  3. Hot dogs are fuckin' HARD CORE, buddy...

  4. God I love strife. They played a reunion tour in 2001 that came through the city, but I had heard from some kids the shows were lame since they had sold out, so I didn't go and I'm kind bummed I didn't. They did just play a show (maybe last year) with retaliate down in southern california. I for one would still love to see them.

  5. Alot of people say alot of things, especially when it comes to people "breaking edge". Whatever. I respect sXe, but I also think ALOT of sXe'rs need to learn to think for themselves.

    Strife were an incredible fucking band, and I would have loved to see them - regardless of what others judgements are of them.


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