One of the greats of the early S.F. hardcore / thrashcore / skatecore scene, here's a fucking great live show from the one and only Verbal Abuse.
These guys continue to kill it from time to time over the years, and they (still) never disappoint.

D/L Verbal Abuse - Ruthie's Inn, Berkeley CA 04.04.1986 right here.

Now playing: Iskra - Masters of War


  1. Is this the same live show that was included in the American Band CD? Anyways, any VA post is a killer. Good one!

  2. No, that set on the re-release CD is from a CBGB's show where they opened for The Ramones. You can hear the "Hey Ho, Let's Go!" chant prior to the start of one of their songs on that CD. Awesome band and I always did like both singers although I tuned out after the "Rocks Your Liver" LP.


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