By request for Fred Mindgrinder, here's a record many consider to be Converge's finest moment - I'd like to think they haven't peaked yet...

D/L Converge - Jane Doe right here.

Now playing: Savatage - Hall Of The Mountain King

***200th. Post - Woo Hoo!!!***


  1. I have a few tracks from this band, unfortunately I never got into them. The "now playing" tag actually was the one that caught my attention, hehe. You rule, man!

  2. I like to think Converge are in a league of their own. They are truly amazing. I hear so much depth in their sound (instrumentally). With in an album, Converge can cover so much ground and do it well.
    The vocals...I know they can be hard to swallow. But, the vocals are just a condiment! The music is too good to be ignored. Besides...you wound not want J. Bannon, on the side. "Jacob Bannon: The Blood Of Thine Enemies"

    just kiddin'.

  3. Thanks again. Looking forward to what you put up next. I read the singer has a solo album coming out soon, but I believe it will be different than Converge. He might have a teddy bear side to get out.

  4. the now playing tag is awesome :D

    I love converge mainly for "You Fail Me", & "Halo in a Haystack". Jane Doe, and the rest of their stuff is too much like the rest of the genre (sure, they founded it, but i didn't get into them in time to hear them with virgin ears).

  5. SBK -

    Yeah, I dig "Halo in a haystack" & "Caring & Killing"... well, I dig it all, but yeah, I dig the raw early shit a bit more.
    And yeah, SAVATGE fucking RULES!

    Maybe I should post that record, huh?

  6. Dude... You're a total fucking hero.



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