I've had it pretty easy this past week or so as far as posting goes; here's another vinyl rip from Haizman_Brains' excellent collection. This time it's from one of the Bay Areas' most underrated "classic" Thrash Metal combos from back in the day, the mighty Sacrilege B.C. While this isn't an easy one to find, it SHOULD be in each of your collections - if not, grab it now...

D/L Sacrilege B.C. - Party With God right here.

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  1. Hello Friend!

    hey! speed bloody hell lp of Sacrilege BC aka discharge thrash metal band!!!.

    Good luck!

  2. i remeber seeing these guys back in like 88-87 with Sadus at
    The Stone on Broadway.
    best thing about it was the punks and metalheads all geetin along before the 'meathead' menatlity of the mosh pit would dominate the pit like it did all through the 90's. its rips like this that make me want to get back into vinyl collecting, but man that shit is like crack for me, i just cant have one, i need more and more, and get consumed with the shit.

    !!!keep up the great blog !!!

  3. hello from berkeley.
    strephon is re-releasing 'party with god' soon. spread the word!


  4. I am a fucking snob about music. I think most "metal" sucks because it has no heart and no balls and no guts. Conversely, THIS ALBUM IS EASILY ONE OF THE TOP THREE GREATEST THRASH ALBUMS EVER. Coming from a snob, I'd like to think that means something to some asshole. The reissue CD of this has killer sound, and has the demo tacked on for good measure. BUY OR DIE, shitheads!

    Lo-Res rules


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