I'd say "old school Pittsburgh thrash", but this stuff is just old.
A favorite of mine that I seemingly replace every four or five years due to misplacement, hard drive failure, and "friends" stealing it, etc. Although it's getting harder to find these days, I still managed to find it on Soulseek/suck once again last night.

The fat guy with the Flying V in the shitty only-picture-of-them-I-could-find is "Rockin' Jeff Cherub" of the infamous Submachine, a band I will post later who in their own right fucking slay, albeit more in a drunken hardcore fashion. I actually tattooed this guy many years ago and haven't seen him since. Great guy, Jeff. The "other" Pig Champion!

Bad-ass "Yinzer Thrash" for you on a lazy Sunday morning, enjoy!

D/L Doomwatch - A Symphony of Decadence right here.


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  1. i get a linkprotector.com website instead of a dl site. any help on this? do i have a wrong setting or something?

  2. Ben -
    Leave me your email addy and I'll send the link if it isn't gonna work for you and I'll send it to you.
    I run a Mac, and it works fine for me from both Safari and Firefox browsers.
    You must click the link, of course. You cannot drag it to a new tab to open (just in case you were trying that).

    I use link-protector because I'm sick of people just jacking my U/L's...

  3. You saved me the time from ripping my own. These guys raged! Thanks so much for the post.

  4. thanks for the help. i was trying to snag this and the WBTD "sucking of"...
    i bought this doomwatch cassette in a coconuts in 90/91 over a live venom cassette as me and my friend were hankering for metal and we stumbled across this and for reason i can't recall this is the one i bought. i think my friend kept the cassette though.

    email benroe@gmail.com

    rockon and thanks for posting awesome stuff

  5. Awesome post!!!
    One of the best unheard bands ever from my home town!!!
    Jeff Cherep is now in a band called Plastered Basatrds!!!
    I have a cdr comp of "Collected Works" that includes material from some 7"s. Get me an email and I'll rip that for ya!!!


  6. ZIPPO -

    I hit you up in th eC-Box over at SludgeSwamp w/ my email addy for a rip of the Doomwatch stuff you got, but if you check this you can send it to:

    lefthandpathos AT gmail DOT com



  7. Jesus, my friend used to have this on cassette when we were in high school. I remember the cover, but I don't remember the music. This'll be interesting to hear again. Thanks for the amazing blog.

  8. Toured with some band called The Pleasureheads and played in Iowa in the early 90's. I remember the show. If I'm not mistaken a pre-His Hero Is Gone Memphis band called The Taintskins played as well. I remember getting the DW/PH records and Taintskins demo.

    Thanks for posting this!

  9. Pick this tape as used in Rasputin's (berk) about by the same time it was released (89) (dumbhead whoever dumped it). it's been a miracle having found it here as this was one of my greatest acquisitions back then, i'm wondering if can still be found in cd. Thanks!

  10. Doomwatch recorded a host of demos and at least two 7" records. The most difficult recording to locate (but perhaps the best in the opinions of some of the members, at least) is an unreleased LP they completed in early 1990. It was a completely accurate representation of their live sound, and the mix could peel pain off of walls (they were Pittsburgh's unofficial loudest band at the time). I do have a copy of this. I used to have all of the band's work (including some unreleased tracks recorded at the time of their first 7"), but a recent exploration into my ancient collection revealed some glaring holes. There's also a video posted on youtube:


  11. Klaus -- Any way you could hook me up with any of that stuff?

  12. I have the first Doomwatch 7". If I can find it I'll put it up on my blog or just rip it and send you the link to the the dl. I linked you up to my blog Rocket Science as well. Dave G

  13. Lo-Res: I re-read the earlier posts, and the "Collected Works" CDR should have all the material I speak of. As far as I know, a Pittsburgher and major follower of the band made a few of these "Collected Works" CDs for friends, so there are more copies of that stuff floating around. I might be able to tell how complete the stuff is from a tracklist (that is, if anyone is that obsessive). It's cool that people are interested in this stuff.

    If Mike Zippo is reading this, does the "Collected Works" also contain the post-1990 stuff on which the original singer left and bassist Garry took over the vocals?

  14. Dave -
    I'd love a rip of that 7" - email me or post it up, buddy! Your link has been added here, btw.

    Klaus -
    I was gonna hit you up at myspace, but it looks like you haven't checked in for a long time over there.
    You can find Zippo over at the excellent SLUDGE SWAMP blog. I hit him up for a track listing when he sent me the D/L link for "Collected Works", but he didn't have any info about it, and there are no tags on the MP3s, sadly.

  15. Lo-Res: I could probably identify every track excluding anything post-original-vocalist period.

  16. Klaus -

    I could send you a D/L link for the collected works, if that helps.

    Just email me - you can find it over in the sidebar...

  17. The other day, somone handed me a DVD of a live show shot in 1989. Much to my dismay, the band was killer. I always thought they were theoretically a good band, but they rarely showed it live. This vid puts that theory to rest forever.

  18. Sith-Tatoine-Denizen8/18/2009 06:07:00 PM


    For post the DoomWatch you really kick-asses with that.
    That Lp it is a Hard To Find...Classic

    Greetins from Panamá

  19. Unfuckingreal man, I remember fire hall shows with these guys, eviction, necropolis, etc. "back in the day"... Sure, maybe it was all crappy noise, just like my crappy noisy thrash bands back then, maybe not, but man it was fun & we loved it... never thought I'd hear this stuff again, heck forgot about it mostly, awesome memories, can't wait to listen to it... Thanks.


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