Rad reader Haizman_Brain sent me the cover scan for the Aspirin Feast - Police Beat record last night - AND - he also sent a fresh rip-from-vinyl of the Circle Jerks classic 'Wild in the Streets" LP - from the original mix.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, then read on...

From Wikipedia - In 1981, the group signed with IRS Records subsidiary Faulty Products and recorded their second release, Wild in the Streets, the title track of which is a cover version of a Garland Jeffries tune. Faulty Products ceased operations several months after the release of the album, forcing Circle Jerks to find their third record deal in as many years. While they regained the copyright to Wild In The Streets, the original stereo master tape was lost, forcing the band to do a remix from the multi-track tapes when they reissued the album, along with Group Sex, on CD in 1988.

D/L Circle Jerks - Wild In The Streets (original mix) right here.

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  1. Hoo yeah--got that sucker on vinyl. I'm a bigger fan of Group Sex, though.

  2. One of the best scenes in Repo Man is the Circle Jerks playing the lame bar band.

  3. Thanks for the trivia, man. I have this on vinyl and had a friend copy me his 2 in 1 cd version. Haven't notice if there's a difference though, I always play the cd because it's errr, more convenient to listen to. = >

  4. thanks for this! i hadnt heard the vinyl version next to the cd reissue....its like night and day and makes way more sense next to group sex. great!

  5. Excellent!! Once again you saved me the trouble of dusting off my good ol' Faulty Records copy. It is amazing though how many people have only always heard the Frontier Records remix. I know Robbie Fields put out an etched 45 on Posh Boy Records with the original mix of the song "Wild In The Streets" some years ago. I sometimes wonder if it was authorized????

  6. Thanks for the shout out, Elvis, but why wouldn't the Posh Boy version be authorized?

    The Circle Jerks signed with me first in early 1980 when they were playing to literally a handful of people.

    They recorded an e.p.'s worth of material but Keith was too drunk to sing so we postponed the vocals session. Unfortunately, I had to leave L.A. for a few months and when I got back Hetson told me he had obtained some spec time at a studio and would I like to pay the $2000 bill for the 16 minutes of recordings that became Group Sex. As I specifically wanted to produce the group, I declined (much to my later chagrin) but hooked them up with Lisa Fancher who needed a new project after The Flyboys.

    As the Circle Jerk very much wanted to be on the
    first Rodney On The Roq album, they agreed that Keith would stop by the studio the same night the Adolescents recorded "Amoeba" and he would quickly lay down the lead tracks for "Wild In The Streets".

    There was never any question that I owned the original recording and I continue to own it to this day. But without the publishing rights (owned by Garland Jeffreys), there was never much money to be made from it.

    It was much later, after Group Sex, that the Jerks re-recorded "Wild In The Streets" for Faulty.

  7. Sweet, I've been looking for the original mix for ages. I taped a friend's LP back in 1984 (I know it was 1984 because I remember I drew Shawn Kerry's CJ mascot punker dude on the cassette card, saying "FOUR MORE YEARS" i.e. the GOP chant after Reagan got re-elected,) and lost it at some point. But I had listened to it enough times that when the remixed version came out later, I couldn't stand it. I'll always prefer this muddier version, thanks for posting it.

  8. can you please reup this or send it to me at slangeug@aol.com. thank you.

  9. Sorry, Jared, but the files have been pulled via the band...

  10. If anyone can please send me a link to this or maybe get in touch with me for a CD-R copy. I own the remixed CD and just heard the original mix title track on satellite radio and it pains me i cannot find this anywhere. My e-mail address is slangeug@aol.com someone anyone. please i beg of you. i will pay for your shipping and all of that. thank you.


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