Not much I need to say about these guys.

I will say that this record came out in 1981, I bought it as a young skate-rat in 1983, and played the fuck out of it for years to come.
Still do.
I like the black-and-white cover as I feel it goes right along with the music. It's easy to say this could be one of the very first true hardcore records.
I really liked these guys alot, even remember seeing them on the early-morning "Today Show" on TV one day before going to school.
Hated everything about these dudes musically and whatnot after New Day Rising came out.

This is a record any fan of hardcore - and shitty demo-tape sound quality - should enjoy, or at least check out.

D/L Hüsker Dü - Land Speed Record right here.

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  1. Jumped all over this one J. I read it mentioned somewhere and had just chalked up my memory of it as lost. Thanx for bring back this great moment in hardcore history.

  2. Yeah post "New Day Rising" era stuff totally lost its teeth and meaning to me. I always liked the first singles and this LP the best though. It has such raw intensity that I only could match it up with them playing in an old Flipside video I had years ago.


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