Just found this in a stack of long-lost CD's in my garage.
Forgot how good this was.
Hate it to call it "screamo - violence", but this is definitely on the edge of all that, and at one time "screamo" wasn't such a bad word right?
Maybe not...

(Forget about my description and just give it a listen. I just got home from a long and dirty day at work, and I'm staring some homemade lasagna in the face).

D/L Reversal of Man - Discography right here.


  1. Thanks!

    But I wonder why this is called a discography, since it isn't...

  2. Yes Screamo has been a dirty word for a while now. I have a split EP of theirs which I bought before I heard the terms "Screamo". I'll have to dig it out and post it on my blog.

  3. great CD...

    Like all these punk/ HC movements - when it was something new and fresh it was great (which Reversal of Man were at the tale end of i reckon) but after hearing the same formularised rehashing for the last 15 years it gets fucking dull...

  4. Spectacles such an amazing song...what an amazing album...


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