Hard to believe I haven't posted anything by one of my favorite musicians ever - Roky Erickson.
Here's a great collection of some rare takes from one of the greatest musical freaks around.

(I totally want to party with this dude)...

D/L Roky Erickson - Love to See You Bleed right here.

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  1. LoRes--you rule because your files are typically organized like the way I keep my digital collection; so I don't have to spend 20 minutes renaming all of the filenames and typing in track numbers.

    Anywho--this guy sounds pretty interesting; I read up on him on wiki. I'll be giving this a listen sometime soon.


    My biggest peeve is that most music bloggers are too lazy or TOO STUPID to figure out how to correctly set their ID3 tags before they upload.

    What a SHITTY way to (mis-)represent a band's music!

    I figure have some pride in what you put out there, ya know? It's not that hard, really, and if you can't do that, OR fucking WRITE YOUR OWN description of what you're posting as opposed to just cut & pasting from wikipedia or allmusicguide or stonerfag.com OR just outright stealing the D/L URL from another blog w/o at least re-upping the files to your own account then you shouldn't be blogging!

    I'm a stickler about that kind of shit, probably because I am a HUGE downloader myself, and I go through EVERYTHING I grab & check the tags, add the artwork, etc.

    *thanks for noticing*

  3. Coolness L-RV.

    Somehow this one's never made it into my (rather vast) Roky collection. Agreed on the tags/artwork etc.-- more people should u/l their own rips, period, if ya ask me.

    Heh-- anybody who's ever been to my blog knows how I feel about AMG, the fucking hacks.

  4. Thanks! It´s very difficult to find anything about Roky, and I never listened to this album before!
    Very good job!

  5. Bruno -

    Thanks, and enjoy this record!
    I found it one night while trolling for Roky stuff, and I'd have to say that it is one of my favorite collections.
    You never see it around, either.

  6. I lost this one a few months back when my computer crashed. Thanks for posting it way back when...

    I wish he'd play somewhere in New England.


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