Here's some old-school despair-ridden crusty/blasty/noisy hardcore via request for Riffin.
I had to do a bit of digging around on Soulseek, but I found it.
There's like zero web presence for these guys, so no "cool band shot" this time around.

(I forgot how good this record is)...

D/L Initial State - Abort the Soul right here.

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  1. Many, many thanks for this. You are providing a great service, sir! I did some digging myself...peer to peer stuff usually doesn't work too well for me though. Mediafire's been acting like a bitch today (weird, huh) but hopefully it'll cut me slack on this one.

  2. Once again, you rule. It would appear we have a common acquaintence, Jeff from the Hitch. He sent me your way and I love him for it. Anyhoo, what are the odds of you having those Warlock Pinchers albums laying about? "Morrisey Rides a Cockhorse"! That was the shit. If Criterion starts re-releasing old albums as well as films, they need to make their first ones the Pinchers. They never got any credit for the rap/metal/Satan/Karen Carpenter hybrid thing. It all went to Anthrax. "I'm the Man" was OK, but "Straight Out the Dancehall" had it beat by miles.
    Anyhoo, keep up the good work.

  3. No, I don't have any Warlock Pinchers any more, but I will look around for some. Good to see you again, Pinky!

  4. This is a great CD in my humble opinion. Initial State was 3/4 of Antischism. Scott, Lyz, and Kevin moved to Dallas, Tx after Antischism broke up. They only played 4 live shows. They played 2shows in Ft. Worth, Texas and one in Dallas before moving back nearer South Carolina. I do not think that there are more than two live videos of their shows. They recorded this CD with their second bass player. Kevin, did the artwork for the CD. It was typical of some of the work he was doing at the time. They broke up shortly after leaving Texas. Thanks for remembering them and do not forget to buy the re-issue of this CD. The original release on Clearview, my friend and I's label, did a small number and they are long since gone.


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