On this cold rainy day in San Francisco there's nothing I dig more than some Czech Powerviolence to keep me warm and mellow...

D/L Gride - Discography 1996 - 2003 right here.

Now playing: Ulcerrhoea - Amounts to Shit


  1. Thanx for this one sir. Somehow I don't think my Czech grandpa would dig it. Nice changes and breaks in the songs that keep it interesting. Thanx again for this rare slice.

  2. more people should be listening to this band man. good post!

  3. as I´m online again myself from today on I thought about leaving some comments! the POLAR GRINDER comp. was on my list to be posted but you were quicker! now I´m thinking of what could I do instead...a difficult task as this is one of the comps. that kicks ass from start to finish!


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