If I was in a band right now, I wish it sounded like this...

Glasgow, Scotlands' Shank came and kicked a shit-ton of ass in a short period of time. Call it powerviolence, but they would call it something else - they didn't care much for labels, and they truly transcended most of them anyways.
"Extreme music" (for lack of better term) could use more bands like this.
I'm calling this CD a classic RIGHT NOW.

D/L Shank - The Curse of Shank right here.

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  1. Well got home J and had a chance to listen to this one. No lie man, I think I wouldn't mind playing in this band either. Unbeleivably good "extreme music". Thanx for pulling another mind altering mushroom out of the cow pie.

  2. I haven't even downloaded the zip yet, but using a still from Scum as their album cover makes it absolutely clear: These guys are fucking awesome.


  3. I just Googled "Scum" - never seen that movie before - gonna have to hunt for it this weekend...

  4. Shank are the real deal! Their cover of "The Right Brigade" always destroys me!

  5. my computer died and now the link no longer works....please hook me up!!! anything else available outside of the ironlung split? what else did shank do?

  6. Ben - The link still works fine from here...

    Shank did a ton of splits, and the have another collection w/ I will post at a later date I'm sure called "Coded Messages..." google that shit yo. It's still available at Interpunk/RevHQ/Very Distro I'm sure.

  7. I´m sorry but you´re wrong! "coded messages in slowed down songs" is no collection - it´s their full length that was supposed to be released on slap-a-ham but as s-a-h ceased to exist was released on 625. besides the iron lung split (which will be on AM I MEAN? soon) there are just 4 more tracks that where recorded as a demo while they toured in australia and were released on one of the 625 thrash comps.

  8. Thanks for the info, Pabst!

    You should all visit this mans' blog - I have garnered TONS of great music/info from his there.

    A daily stop, indeed!

  9. thanks for the new blog to check
    the message i get to open the shank link is "protected by uploader"

    i did track down the "coded" and will soon have that and the split in physical form

    once i get all my stuff uploaded (just moved) i'll try and hook up some stuff as a thanks


  10. complete discography:

    split 7" w/ Minute Manifesto
    split 7" w/ Scalplock
    split 7" w/ Unholy Grave
    one track on Homo Homini Lupus comp 7"
    one track on a CD comp that came with that zine Brian from Cathrasis did (i forget the name)

    Curse of Shank CD (contains all of the above)

    4 Tracks on 625 Barbaric Thrash Demolition comp
    Coded Messages in Slowed Down Songs LP
    split LP w/ Iron Lung
    two tracks on Super Sabado comp LP


    Shank/ The Endless Blockade split 7" (limited press, unreleased song from both)

    members went on to be in The Process, Suburban Disease and The Endless Blockade after Shank broke up in 2003

  11. Inside Front was the zine

    also forgot the track from the Short Fast and Loud zine comp (also on Curse of Shank)

  12. Thanks for all the great info, Nolan!


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