A request for PJ over at Excess Zine, here's yet another great record by one of my favorites - Dystopia.
I think I've posted more by these East Bay scuzz-lords than any other band featured here on L-R V...

D/L Dystopia - Human = Garbage right here.

I got a rip of the new record they just released, but one of the tracks is fucked up - I've seen like 4 or 5 blogs who have posted this flawed version as well - so I figured NOT to post the new one until I get a clean copy.

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  1. Hey men take this link for Dystopia 2008 L.P.
    This are a fucking amazing in 320 Kbits.


    cheers and weeds!!!

  2. i remeber when i firts ordered this online though midheaven mailorder
    i was a blown the fuck away
    this shit still shreds my face off

  3. Undoubtably the greatest band I have ever heard. Their new record is fucking ridiculous.

  4. Thanks so much for this.I only have one complaint,track 2(Hands That Mold),and track 7(Slaved Chains),are the same song.


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