As per Gabe's request, I have re-upped Drunk Injuns - Frontside Grind.

Just click the original D/L link on the post.

Feel free to leave a comment on the C-Box if there's' a link thats down, & I'll do what I can to hook it up for you...


  1. cool jason, thanks for re-uppin. i saw these guys once at the farm with septic death ages ago. good stuff.

  2. Man, this brings back some memories. This whole era of, I don't know, Skate Rock, was the shit. I always had the fear as far as pain, so me and skating never got along, but all of my friends were skaters and I was like a skate betty with a dick who liked to break things and we'd all hang out and watch Rubbish Heap and Animal Chin and skate... good job. Man, for a total mood switch, if you could get Death's "Scream Bloody Gore" up I'd send you... fuck, I don't know, something. Who would a person have to blow to get that released on CD?

  3. Pinky -

    GREAT comment!
    That's the kind of interaction I'm looking for with this blogging bullshit.
    Give me a few and I'll post that Death for you...

  4. Well, I read the threats and saw the middle finger... woe be to he who is an
    ungrateful scab. And truly, putting up old stuff that is just hard to come
    by is a great community service. One those black and thankless days, just
    know that there is some perpetually-shithoused moron in Portland who
    appreciates the hell out of you.

  5. Well, I'm trying to honor all requests since I recovered my files from my dead HD.
    That experience was completely frustrating, and I may have a been a bit harsh... It helps when someone leaves a nice comment instead of just demanding a re-up.
    The interaction is what its all about for me.

    I'll have your Death posting up in a few minutes...

  6. fäti mcgrüder7/06/2008 11:43:00 AM

    i cant get a download, getting an error! please o please get this up and working i cannot find this gem anywhere!!!


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