Perfect for a rainy winter day in San Francisco, here's a killer spilt featuring Hellshock - there's Tragedy guys in this one, duh - but for my money the band to beat here is Effigy from Japan who play some bitchin' metallic crust kind of thing.
I need to get more from them for sure...

D/L Hellshock / Effigy - Split right here.


  1. Thnaks for that post, raging metallic crust from both bands, good stuff from hellshock as usual.

  2. i think hellshock did pretty well on this split. well anything by hellshock is fucking good in my book.

  3. Oh I definitely love the Hellshock material, but I think because I had never heard Effigy before I was blown away by them a bit more. Japanese bands have that effect on me more often than not...

  4. I know what you mean by that, Japanese bands seem to kick more ass than most bands from the rest of the world.

  5. I agree! jap bands know how to kick ass in 99,99% of the cases! by the way thanks for DEATH STRIKE! Paul is no idiot as the rumors say! he maybe a little bit strange but is a nice guy in general!

  6. i saw Hellshock at Annies back in october, totalyfuckingspastic
    great split
    and i agreee there is something about japanese bands that is always intriguing


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