Hirudinea fucking slay, bro.

I woke up this morning and knew exactly what I was gonna post.

I scored this a while ago, and I've been so busy with the madness at work as well as a full-plate at home that it just sat on that corner of my desk that is always a three-foot-tall stack of unlistened-to CD's.
I finally had the time to actually start going through some of the logjam in the last week - thus the lack of updates.

My first test for a new CD to see if it is "worthy" is by playing it on my drive to work.
That usually tells me within 15 minutes if a CD kills or not.
This split CD definitely is a strong cup of coffee - made with turpentine, per se'.

Very violent, and at full speed, both of these Boston bands make some seriously scary fucking music that is not without being heavy as well.
Hirudinea is a new one for me, and I sure as fuck hope to hear more from these guys.
Watchmaker is a personal favorite of mine, and as usual, they do not disappoint!

I'd love to see both of these bands on a full-on Boston bill, the line-up (in no particular order) being:
Hirudinea / Watchmaker / Raw Radar War / Converge / Out Cold - fuck, I'll stop right there...

D/L Hirudinea / Watchmaker split CD right here.

Now playing: Savatage - Hall Of The Mountain King


  1. I can't wait to get home and give this one a listen J. Discovered Watchmaker 2 or 3 years ago by random chance because of their record label and just dug the raw brutality. Looking forward to Hirudinea. Thanx for the new stuff bro.

  2. good split. also, wanted to say thanks for upping so much quality shit in general.

  3. watchmaker is sick... I read on returntothepit that they broke up this year... Bummer.


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