Old-school death metal with a brutal groove…

Chris Reifert is a master of the death metal arts.
A frenetic master skin-beater who has also done time in Autopsy & Death - no joke, son!
Hoarsing-his-throat-the-fuck-out simultaneously is what he does best.

Bower & Corrales have always been a lethal duo in the six-string motherfucker department, yet they hardly get any notice in the press. So under the radar…

I can easily listen to these guy at 7am on a Monday morning sitting in my car, "tuning up" for another shitty day in "The Tombs", er, "work".
It fits well in my collection right alongside Obituary, EyeHateGod, The Acc├╝sed.

It works for me is what I'm sayin'...

Abscess - Damned and Mummified

Link in comments.


  1. hell yeah on the chris reifert! the first real death metal show i went to was autopsy and vital remains (let us pray) with incantation and morgue. autopsy enjoyed themselves immensely to say the least and i'm looking forward to what lies in wait from them.

  2. .Kick Ass Lo-Res ABSCESS was killer, some really twerpy weird rythmns too - immediately attractive in their quirkiness. It's a win-win for us with Autopsy back and all. Keep up the stellar work - oh and by the way, the 2nd printing of Glorious Times DID happen and is available now brother. Until we swing by again :)

    Alan and Brian

  3. Fuck that UseNext downloading shit...don't put your links on that scam site!!

  4. Ok, DICK LICK, er "Anonymous"...

    I have no fucking clue what you're talking about - NEITHER DO YOU THOUGH.

  5. I saw the same tour as Ben minus Incantation who "pussed" out as one of the Vital Remains guys put it. Reifert's dancing in the pit reminded me of the guy in Texas Chainsaw trying to cut the moving van with his razor.


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