Charm City hardcore w/ a fresh and solid bent in the way they lay it down.
While these guys are a "Deathwish" band due to the association w/ said label - most of those bands on that label get/give themselves WAY too much credit - P.T. actually gets less respect than many others (who pale in comparison) in the "metalcore" genre.
They may play HC shows & such, but they play their heavy HC w/ more metal-than-'core in the mix, and they certainly know how to mesh the texture & dynamics to create a stark caterwaul of anguish whether they are doomin' it up, getting' melodic with it, spacin' out, or thrashin' their tits off!

A great bill would have been these dudes & the sadly-missed Cursed - maybe that happened, who knows?
Ignore the poorly-rendered new-jack tattoo artist covert art & let 'er rip - this one is unique & stands on its own in a genre that I find hard to back much of the time the older I get.

Pulling Teeth - Paranoid Delusions / Paradise Illusions

Link in comments.


  1. they throw some good stuff in there to say the least. and having "christ free youth" shirts was pretty damn funny as well.

  2. you might be interested in this.


    its everything they released i think except their last split with shin to shin which you can find here


    enjoy i love this band they are so raw and pissed.cool to see you post this here.

  3. Holy Hell, this rules.

  4. Thanks, Huanso.
    I have all that stuff, except for the Shin to Shin split - thanks!

    I think they may be the most understated band on Deathwish - so many other bands on that label don't live up to the hype for this 43y.o. man. Deathwish is "the shit" if you are 17, I suppose, but these guys are so fucking REAL. Nice.


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