I love it when I dig through my archives to see if I posted a "classic album" - only to realize that I haven't - then I end up going, "How the fuck did all this time go by & I didn't post this yet!?!"…

Dark & crushing with a grip of technicality driving the brutality, this album pretty much kicked my ass the very first time I heard it.
The riffing on this record is tasty as fuck; Hobbs takes you on an unrelenting journey, while the rhythm section gives you something to hang on to.
Everybody has a favorite album by these "Strong Island" death metal merchants, and while I dig every record they've done so far, this is the one that I always turn to when I need that extra bit of juice to get my day started, etc.

Suffocation - Pierced from Within

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  1. Love these guys. One of the best in the business, for sure.

  2. I never exactly FORGET how good Suffocation is, but due to all the bands that have stolen their sound, it sometimes get a bit obscured. The best remedy is to go see them live: nobody can touch their power on stage; epic every time.

  3. Please, don't stop digging into your archives! :-)


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