Sometimes you just truly don't give a fuck.

When I get that feelin' - today kind of sucked a giant bag of herpetic dicks - it is not uncommon for me to bust out some burly-ass / tough-guy / circle-pit-inducing / thick-necked / thrashy / thug-core to mellow my "amped-the-fuck-up" self back down to a tolerable level.

Sometimes I add beer to the equation as well, but enough about me & my world, right?

Darkside NYC has been pummeling earlobes, craniums, & 40-ouncers for nearly 20 years on & off.
You can't pin them down to just the hardcore set either - right when you think all they got in their tank is killer heavy "chugga-chugga" breakdowns, they'll switch it up & get all "Tom G. Warrior-styled" thrashy on you!

Just go with it bro, the shit's all good...

Darkside NYC - Ambitions Make Way for Dread

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  1. Already have this, but thanks for reminding me. Found them from the East Coast Assault comp.

  2. Was checking out some of those vegan blogs on your links in your profile; some of those dishes look great! I'm thinking about it...

  3. http://99milesofbadblogs.blogspot.com/2010/11/funerary.html

    heres the new PULLING TEETH song check it out its awesome.I ripped it.

  4. you're on a roll lately. good stuff!


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