Brutally heavy & sinfully harmonious at the same time?
It must be Sweden's Hypocrisy we're talking about.

There's a few different versions of this band sound-wise, and while I dig the early satanic-leaning material, this record sounds fucking HUGE.
The drums on this underrated release are standout for sure; the battery is relentless, the vocals top-notch, the riffs keep coming, & the leads "take you there".

Melodic Death Metal hardly gets my blood boiling - in fact, I am usually a non-fan of it - but Hypocrisy has always brought something heavier & deeper - the mix is always spot-fucking on w/ these dudes as well.

If you missed this, check it out.
There is a cold blackness about this that is refreshing without being cliche'.

Hypocrisy - A Taste of Extreme Divinity

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