400 BLOWS.

You always know what to expect when 400 Blows comes around.
Definitely one of the most minimalistic and sincere bands I have been witness to on many an occasion.

I recorded this off the 'webernet a few years ago at the time it aired, plus I made you some sweet-ass cover art too, so double score for you!

Truly a "party band" in every sense of the word...

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400 Blows - 05.18.2004 "Lock Up", BBC Radio

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  1. Very nice, thanks for this!

  2. Aw, you made us cover art? That shows you care. Thanks for this, man.

  3. cool. perfect timing: been on a 400 blows kick as late. thanks.

  4. Cool. Glad everybody is digging this.
    I stayed up pretty late at night to record this live off the BBC back then ;)

  5. I never ever heard these. Tony Thorpe was in them who later worked with The KLF and now makes dubstep.


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