I just recorded this live off the web from the WNYU feed as it was goin' down - even made some cover art for you!

While I see them more as "Entombed for the kids who missed Entombed the first time around", there's no denying that they do what they do quite well. I've heard the new record just once so far all the way through, but I have a feeling it will grow on me a bit more soon enough.

No doubt you too will be hearing more about these guys; hopefully bands "on this level" will start wiping out all the ghey-ass post-rock pseudo metal bands around these days that make me wanna puke...

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Trap Them - WNYU 11.06.2008

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  1. I think of Disfear when listening to Trap Them instead of Entombed- but you can hear the Entombed influence in both bands.

  2. Good stuff, I missed these guys when they last came to Baltimore with Fight Amp. Looking forward to seeing them at MDF VII. Thanks for the upload!

  3. just started checking out your blog, good stuff, saw trap them up in KY a few times months ago and just got to catch them a few nights in a row with friends bands down here in NC with fight amp... great show each night, lookin forward to hearing the new full length the songs they played live were good!

  4. I really like these guys, but I really don't think they have much in common musically with Entombed past the guitar tone (which is still pretty cool to hear). They are one of the best metal bands I have seen live in a LONG time.


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