As per Tomica's request - sorry for the wait; holiday weekend and all that - I have re-upped Kepone - Ugly Dance.
Grab it as soon as possible if you don't already have it.
It's an early lesson in under-appreciated noise rock with some serious fucking chops.

Touch & Go doesn't like you to share their music, so when it's gone, it's gone.

(In other news, I'd just like to thank everyone whose been leaving great comments lately. Posting a rare Black Flag live set helps for sure, but it's just nice to have some feedback/insight/story swapping going on here).

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  1. Yeah baby! Thank you again. This is one of my favourite albums. And Kepone live, wow, beyond description. One of the first concerts I went to and it blow my mind of. Kepone are the reason I love this music. Now I just have to remember who "steal" my "Ugly Dance" LP so i can kill him/her :) In the meantime your "upload" will be played a lot.

    P.S. Touch & Go, I promise I will delete this "non-legit" acquisition as soon as I get my LP back ;)

  2. Thanks! Haven't heard this album in ages.

  3. I'd completely missed hearing this band, and it's really rather good- thanks.

  4. - Thanks a lot for sharing this! :-)

  5. Monster bass sound. Heck, monster bass player! Guess it's easier to play without that big Gwar costume getting in the way!

    Thanks for (re)posting this. I was aware of this band back in the day, but never got around to actually listening to them. I love the sound of this recording. It's clearly from the "Albini School", but a bit more clean and in your face at the same time.

    -Stompbox Pat

  6. Yeah, alot of that 90's noise/math rock doesn't sound real good to me these days, but there's something about these guys that to me transcends any of those scenes from back then.
    There is no pretension with these guys, and as far as Albini goes, I gotta admit that I'm not a fan of his beyond Atomizer or The Hammer Party.

  7. Haha, yeah, a little Albini goes a long way. I wouldn't say that the actual music has much Albini influence in it at all, just the production. The drums and bass sounds in particular. Geekin' out, I guess. I do loves me a big mean bass sound. Sounds like an Ampeg to me.

    I've listened to it a bit more now. Great album. Oh Touch and Go, I'm going to the local mom and pop shop to send a bit of cash your way (assuming this is still in print).


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