No introduction needed here, just a decent sounding live recording from way-back-in-the-fucking-day, courtesy of one of Hardcore's greatest bands ever!

Their first LP actually scared THE FUCK out of my 14 year-old ears when I first heard it, and it still remains to this day in my collection as one of the most aggressive & intimidating releases I have ever had the pleasure of having my "inner angst" woke-the-fuck-up to...

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M.D.C. - 11.17.1982 Warehouse, Liverpool, U.K.

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  1. All efforts beyond the Millions of Dead Cops LP fell short in my opinion, but that sucker - what a record! When you are 14 the police threat seemed much more realistic and so did the urgency of the message on this album.
    The precise/sloppy musical arrangements and distinctive guitar tone were perfect next to Dave Dictor's best vocal effort (in urgency, cadence, snarl, and genuine anger). The Police is the Klan is the Mafia...

  2. Not gonna download since my hard drive is packed with shit waiting for me to listen to, but MDC were among biggest influences in my junior age too. They still are.
    Even while I was still in school I knew that "I Hate Work". I still do. Ha-ha. Cheers.

  3. Greatness. I actually volunteered with Food Not Bombs, because of their influence. I think that was the same 7" that had "Nazi's Shouldn't Drive", which always fails to get a laugh when I reference it. i.e.: Hey Ian, who's your favorite female singer? Anna Joy!" Oi. oi. oi. My mom actually liked my Millions of Dead Cops tee, which was pretty funny. She'd always go on a rant about asshole cops when I wore it. Go, Mom.

  4. I missed the boat on a lot of classic hardcore and punk back in my earlier years due to my then and still continuing obsession on metal and so didn't hear MDC until long after I'd heard the likes of Bad Brains, Dead Kennedys and of course Black Flag and in fact didn't hear their first album until about two years ago. I love these sort of almost lost to time live bootlegs recorded over 20 years ago. For whatever reason its always struck me to hear a recording like that and think I wasn't even a year old yet when the band was at the club playing this set!

  5. CRUCIFIED FOR YOUR SINS12/03/2008 04:07:00 PM

    great great post bro!
    your blog is very well! cheers LRV!

  6. Maybe if I'd seen them in 1984 on the Rock Against Reagan tour, as opposed to '99 in a steamy Baltimore bar, I'd be in love with them. But anytime I hear MDC now, I think of the HC equivalent of my dad playing Rolling Stones songs in the shed out back when I was twelve. "John Wayne Was A Nazi" is a ripper, though.

  7. J, I wrote a comment earlier today, but for some reason it didn't come through. Anyway big time thanx for this and wanted to offer up another pretty killer live show I had of these guys here, http://mustard-relics.com/2007/12/12/mdc/ . Dude i love the Bruce Lee pic, off the TV? Must be nice to go to work when you feel like it bro.

  8. Thanks for the show. A little flashback action huh? After i heard this I busted out the "Elvis in Reinland" Concert cassette. Davey is a cool head to talk to real down to Earth. The best concert i saw 'em at was the re-opening of the Hong Kong early nineties. It was a battle of the acronyms show with UXA, JFA, and MDC. I climbed up the stairwell and some heads pulled me up to get in for free. Thank you again and I'm still jamming the Redd Kross demo, you're right about the Born Innocent trax being weak in comparison! That demo's got some real energy hidden in their repressed release(s). >>RG

  9. my family is just a little weird. Is you family just a little weird. MDC was my first non=local show. And I just saw some cool black and white photos the other day on the computer, of that very show. My life is just a little weird. Is your life just a little weird.


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