Here's the first full-length from the Kings of Sleaze Rock / Rape Rock.

This band is still touring years after the death of El Duce'.
Who the fuck would want to see that I tell you...

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Mentors - You Axed for It!

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  1. It sucks so much that I like these guys. Bought "Up the Dose" my first trip to Hollywood, '97. It was right after El Duce bit it. He's the only reason to watch Kurt & Courtney. "She offered me $50 grand... Blow his fuckin head off.", or something like that. Shit, what a pile.

  2. Mentors were fuckin' rad, dude!

    At least El was smart enough to NOT take the rap for her and do something stupid like that. Instead, a 40 oz'er & a sandwich & a train got him.

    THAT is going out rock-n-roll style, bro.

    MUCH better than crying in your heroin in your million dollar house like a rich little pussy who married a soul-sucking whore & blowing your own head off instead of hers, don'tcha think?

  3. Oh, shit, the CD I got back then had this album, too. A 40 and a sandwich sounds good, right now. Heroin and a bitchy wife? I'll pass. At least on the bitchy wife. Nah, dope just makes me puke a bunch. After I DL'd this I watched a bunch of vids, including the "Shock Rock" Jerry Springer w/ el Duce and Gwar. Good stuff. I do enjoy these guys, but only if I tell myself that they're joking. But, when you get down to it, maybe they weren't? Fuck it. I like Skrewdriver, too. Doesn't really mean I believe what they're saying. I just like to rock. Laugh at 'em, not with 'em, I guess.

  4. I'm pretty sure they are joking...
    I highly doubt that any of these guys got much ass, and whatever ass they did get was suspect as far as quality goes, but who am I to judge, ya know?

    Always be glad there was an El Duce in your liftime...

  5. Thanks for the download, Here's to sandwiches and fucking fat chicks...

  6. My finest rock n' roll moment - a cruddy punk band I was in opened for the Mentors when El Duce was alive.

    Two out of the five members of our band couldn't make it (bassist, singer). The lead guitarist wrote the lyrics and sang back up, so it was no biggy for him to sing. That left me swapping rhythm git for bass.

    We didn't rehearse at all with that line up. I basically learned the bass parts on stage as we went.

    The results were predictable.

    El Duce himself, in between chugging as much beer as the club would give him, would point at me and scream, "I WANT MY MONEY BACK.'

    I am so proud of that I will repeat the story any chance I get. Thanks for providing one more.


    We've got this sucker on Vinyl at the station...some cleaning lady walked in on me blasting said track really loud in the middle of the afternoon in the control room.

  8. saw these guys at the farm back in the day. (grunts) i have the split single with ill repute that has peeping tom, and going thorough your purse on it. ha ha ha.

  9. I have a vague memory of a Mentors vid that opens with someone kicking a chick in the snatch & then it starts to bleed? Anyone confirm this? Or was I just too fucked up in the late 80s.


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