First generation NYHC (the good stuff) that many have overlooked due to the fact that they didn't really fit in with the sXe or crossover bands; a good mix of both of those styles along with the full-speed ahead approach of bands like Agnostic Front and the Cro-Mags.

They didn't have a big recorded output, nor were they arouund for very long, but indeed they were a crucial band for the time.
I think they even gig around a bit these days.


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Absolution - Complete Discography

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  1. - Thanks for sharing this !

  2. Thanks for this, sweet stuff!. And nice blog.

  3. Just now downloading, but I thought your desription made it a worthwhile addition to my already crowded hard drive. Need to start think about getting an external drive to have somewhere to put all the cool shit you've been turning us all onto. Thanx for hooking me up.

  4. ...this is an awesome post...I already have this but its so good I wanted to post something!!!

  5. Nice! That IS old school. I have to admit, these guys were totally off my radar at the time. Good stuff, and it actually holds up pretty well.

  6. Real gritty NYCHC! I Like bands that "don't fit in". It adds to the aesthetic appeal to me...kinda akin to the Oregon hc scene...Thanks for sharing.
    BTW have you heard any news about the A7 reunion show? I thought inclusion of the newer bands kinda sucked (i wasn't there)but it reminded me of other 'reunions'. The Class of 81 punks one was good (incl. Dr Know, Nip Drivers, Stains, forget who else). Thanks again>>>RG

  7. You couldn't be a NYHC band and not have Absolution on your thanks list. For a band who didn't record a lot they were everywhere. Stood out from a lot too.


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