The last two summers that I lived in Ann Arbor & Detroit in the 80's were a fucking drug-addled mess, and these guys were the soundtrack to my existence on a nearly-daily basis.

Once I moved to S.F. in 1991, a good friend of mine introduced me to them.
I got to know them a bit better, watched them in action in the studio, and as housemates at one point for a short time back when The Mission was ALOT more scary than it is now.
San Francisco had all kinds of bands back in the 90's before the dot-com boom (which seems ages ago now), and these days "the scene" here is pretty much riddled with ironic hipster metal or -even worse - electro bullshit or free jazz/folk garbage.
I am assuming, mind you, as I find the "live music experience" to be highly overrated these days and rarely go to shows.

I will stop pining about the old days now...

Enjoy what is most definitely a classic piece of San Francisco punk rock history made by a couple of dudes from Montana who decided to move to The City and make one hell of a (beautiful and sometimes ugly) racket.

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Steel Pole Bath Tub - Lurch

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  1. \nI don\'t know this band, where do I begin to explore?????

  2. \nStart w/ this D/L, then move on to Lurch.\nThose are the only records they put out that I really dig - those ones are the most \"fucked up\" I guess you could say...


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