The term "technical" always seems to leave a weird taste in my mouth...

This release by Voivod could very well be their best in the fact that it expands on the whole thrash formula by introducing some melody to the riff-fest going down here.
Really cool tempo changes abound, and with all that going on, the songs are still really coherent - not just a bunch of shit strung together, ya know?

A record most definitely ahead of its time, bro.

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Voivod - Killing Technology

If anyone is having trouble accessing the files via Link-Protector.com, just email me for the direct link.

I have been having trouble with the service lately myself, and even after trying to D/L it from my home & work computer (1 is a Mac & 1 is a PC) and I've tried Safari/Firefox/Explorer browsers as well. I keep checking my D/L count though and it seems some of you are still getting normal access to the files - WTF?

I've had trouble with this service in the past, but it usually cleared up after a day or two - this time it's been like 5 days or so.
Hence, the lack of updates.

I use Link-Protector to keep other "so-called" bloggers from stealing my uploads. Plus, it seems to keep the link itself from being deleted more often than not.

*UPDATE 12.18.2008*

The D/L links all seem to be working smoothly again after 6 days of wonkiness.

I had spoken w/ Link-Protector.com support about this issue, and it was actually MediaFire that wasn't playing nice w/ their service.
The problem seems to have cleared up now, but in any case, should you need me to send you a direct link, hit me up in the sidebar.
You'll find my contact info there, thanks.

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  1. Voivod in general were ahead of their time. One of the few bands doing something different with Thrash. Thanks for the upload. RIP Piggy.

  2. I use Internet Explorer, and the download/link worked fine for me. I wish that I could help you, but I know nothing about computers.
    On an unrelated note, I've been listening to a bunch of stuff from this blog lately, and it turns out that I got a song from here that I'd been missing for a while - Wood Goblins off of Tad's Salt Lick. I'd heard the song before and have made efforts to find it again without success, only to realize that I already had it on my terribly organized harddrive.

  3. one of my all time fave bands and sen them on the rrroooaaarrr tour, the killing teck tour and dimension htross and nothingface, smoked a bowl with Snake on this (killing tech) tour in the parking lot
    one strange bit of useless info- my clean date (day i stopped getting high) was the same day that Piggy passed away but i didnt know until like 2 weeks later
    and yes im still clean and sober- not that that has anything to do with me getting clean

    love the blog man

  4. i believe i like voivod now more than i did when i was full on metalhead. more and more stuff to find in their music to appreciate as the years go by. seriously how no bands ape this band more shocks me, but oh well.

    looking forward to the re-releases that away is doing.

  5. Link protector didn't get me through to the download page, but it did dump the URL in my address bar. loading that page worked fine. (FF3, Vista).

  6. SBK -

    Yeah, that's what has been working for me as well.
    I left a support ticket w/ Link-Protector.com and hopefully I will hear from them soon-ish.

    Thanks for your input, bro.

  7. Link Protector has always worked fine for me, I just have to refresh the page sometimes in order to get the redirect to work but that's no problem.

    I really liked this record, listened to it today. During the last few songs I realized Mastodon has borrowed quite a bit from these guys, I THINK!

    I see what you mean with 'technical'. I like 'technical' music, as long as the technical aspect doesn't form the basic rule or principe an sich, but rather serves as a 'style' or, to sound really snobby, 'medium'.

    God bless you, Jase!

  8. I remember picking up "War and Pain" the year it came out. At first listen I was confused at what I was hearing, not your typical thrash. After reading about them in metal rags, seeing some of the bands they had played with and reading their name in liner notes on albums my curiousity was high. Well I had finally seeked them out. The more I listened to them and that album the more I craved! Ahead of their time you better believe it! I was hooked VOIVOD rule, at least the Snake years! The new stuff is O.K too! Up the Iron Gang and RIP Piggy! You need this............Mr.T

  9. Thanks for this. Link worked fine. I'm working on starting a blog of my own up and am curious about how all these redirect sites work. (Don't worry, I won't be stealing shit, it'll be stuff I have that I haven't seen on the blogs before)

  10. \nSaw Voivod open for Celtic Frost. You\'re probly thinkin this was a killer concert at Liberty Lunch on 2nd street, Austin (85 or 86?) Well CF was absolutely floored by VOIVOD\'s frantic axe pummeling, and I mean that literally. They completely won me over from this 55 min. performance, spewing forth more energy than very few other bands I have seen, and I\'ve seen alot. CF looked totally ashamed to be following up Voivod for the Rooaarr show. One of the highlights of my concert-going career. THANKS for the post!


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