Sorry for the lack of updates lately.
I've been inundated with work & holiday stuff - who hasn't, really - and on top of everything else I sold my beloved '96 Ford Bronco on Xmas Eve to a good friend who really needed it.

In return, I splurged and bought myself a 2008 Scion xB.

Now, I bet some of you are saying to yourself, "WTF!?"
Well, for someone who has driven a big-ass truck for a long time in a city that has mega parking problems, I am fucking LOVING it!
No more $50 street cleaning tickets, it only costs me about $25 to fill it up - I can run on that for at least two weeks at a time - and I can actually fit my new vehicle IN MY GARAGE. Imagine that!

By the way, there will be no "Best of 2008" list here at Lo-Res Viscera.

After years of doing them, I have finally come to realize that I always leave something(s) out, and really who fucking cares and what does it mean to YOU what my favorites are anyways, huh?
I hardly have the time to sit down and pick my brain trying to figure out relase dates, etc.
We all have our favorites, and they have theirs, and so on, etc. Yeah.

Enjoy the rock and now it's on to my final post of 2008...

1985 was the year that Mike, Woody & Reed unleashed THE FUCKING PERFECT ALBUM upon my denim-and-flannel flying sk8-carcass.

This record became the soundtrack to many a late night schralp session, and it still stands on its own today.

Hard to believe this band is (sorta) still around - Pepper Keenan's version of C.o.C. could never/will never write a fucking album this stellar.

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Corrosion of Conformity - Animosity

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