Here's a decent-sounding board tape I got recently from a show I haven't seen around before, and best of all, it is from the strongest Black Flag lineup - that's right - Dez on vocals!

If anyone has any info on this recording/venue/band/songs, etc. feel free to chime in as comments - and my passion for doing this - have been waning as of late.

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Black Flag - 03.22.1981 Club Doobee, East Lansing, MI

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  1. no info on the show, but to say this blog has been invaluable would be an understatement. hope all is well in the land of BMX and yeah if i find that hutch crank...it's yours.



  2. Greetings!

    Love your blog. Can you perhaps re-up Kepone stuff. I can't find it anywhere. Thanx in advance.

  3. Great blog. Can you please re-upload Kepone stuff. It would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Ben -

    Glad you enjoy the blog.
    You've been great to get to know since I started this thing.
    Always a pleasure chatting with you!

    Have a good Eat Day

  5. Tomica -

    Give me a day or two and check back for the Kepone re-up.

    Thanks for stopping by :)

  6. I thought I was the only one who thought Dez was the best. I know its pretty much blasphemy, but I can't get into Rollins era Black Flag.

    It will truly bad a sad day, if you decide to stop doing this blog. I'm down to support Lo-Res V for as long as it stands, though.

  7. Dez & Chavo/Ron were the best.
    Keith was too whiny for me; not scary at all, and probably why I never really dug the Circle Jerks as much.
    Rollins was fine, just not so weird/psycho like Dez.

    I'm not gonna quit.
    Just gets boring to me when people don't want to swap stories about what they just grabbed.

  8. Glad you made that last comment bro, Lo-Res is a daily stop for me. I don't comment very often for fear of you getting a justin sickness, but you already knew that. Funny you picked this one out as I'm fixing to do a BF post myself, although nothing as rare as this. Hope the food was good for you and you have plenty to be thankful for. Write at you later.

  9. Hey Justin -

    I never get sick of chatting with you, dude.
    That's the power of blogging right there that made us homies, etc.
    Fire up that Black Flag post! I have a bunch of different shows by them & then this one popped up out of the woodwork. I'd never seen it around before, so I just HAD to share.

    You always seem to get peopple who comment on your blog that actually like to converse a bit, and I always wished I got more of that here. There's a few who are like that who visit here, but for the most part it's just a "this rips, thanks".

    I am thankful for the fact that I have rarely gotten any troll or spam comments. That was always a problem in previous blogs I've had.

    Alright, I'm off to the in-laws to crush some food. And a few beers.

  10. here's the info file i got off of the dime:

    Black Flag
    March 22, 1981
    Club Doobee,
    East Lansing,

    Thanks to Foxtrotter for another rare ass recording!!!

    Uknown gen Sbd?>Azimuth>Audacity>Balanced Channels>Normalized>DC Offsets>TLH>Flac

    This is a rough soundboard(I think)whoever was running the board must have been
    playing messing with the knobs for some of this, still great though.

    02. Revenge
    03. White Minority
    04. I've Heard it Before
    05. Damaged II
    06. Clocked In
    07. Depression
    08. I'm Not A Machine
    09. I've Had It
    10. Nervous Breakdown
    11. Rise Above
    13. Jealous Again
    14. No Rules
    15. Damaged I
    16. No More
    17. No Values (cuts off)

    I remember watching the local public access WELM in East Lasning and I think it was on
    the show "Syntax" that they were at Club Doobee talking to some guy in his 40's? with slicked
    back black hair and in the middle of their conversation,this guy flips out his dentures.
    I thought this was pretty funny,but maybe you had to be watching it. Maybe this will be

    I got a print of the flyer for this show,but I have no scanner. I found a website where this
    guy has the flyer for this shows for sale for 400.00 bucks!

    Torrent 176.4

    Nov.17th, 2008


    hope that helps...


  11. I'm guessing you did the little graphic. If you want to lift Black Flag's logotype directly, use Fritz Quadrata Bold. You can get a free download here:


    The sample the site shows is tracked out way too wide, but I don't know if the font is like this itself (free fonts have canky weird stuff because they usually aren't made/remade by pros).

    Royal Oak, MI

  12. Jason -

    Thanks for the font link.
    I got tons of fonts I like to play with & didn't have this one.

    I didn't realize it the font I used was kind of like the "Black Flag Font".
    Maybe that's why I liked it.

  13. Yeah, Henry did some great stuff but was so self-consciously, deliberately fucked up (perfect example from excellent Rocket Science blog:
    where he 'menaces' a scrawny, snotty little teenaged boy.

    Dez feels to me more like crashing through your house out of nowhere, without a thought of Black Flag TM.

  14. Chavo is by far my favorite, but Dez is definitely number 2. Henry always seemed to be posing, although I enjoyed his shtick too. Way more show biz than any of the others. I agree about Keith, all wrong for Black Flag, but I gotta say I loved him in Circle Jerks.

    I'm giving this a listen as I type. Dez's voice is just freakin' huge.

    Your blog is really coming in handy with the "reliving my past" phase I've been going through!

  15. Hey, I've loved this blog for months and feel bad about not saying anything.

    I'm a headbanger that's liked a few punk bands for quite a while - Black Flag, Minor Threat, Cro Mags, Dead Kennedys - and I've been getting some great hardcore education just by reading your posts, even when I don't download the songs.

    BTW, there's a Korean hardcore band I came across a couple years ago that pours their guts out in a country dominated by boy bands and the like (for various reasons):




    They're called Samchung, and if you happen to have anything by them, I'd love to hear it. They seem to be really into Iron Cross (that last link is a cover of one of their songs), so that'd be great to hear, too.

    Anyway, thanks for serving up so much interesting shit with so much style!

  16. So this is my first post on this blog after reading for a month or so now.

    I'll admit my favorite BF release has long been My War, not as much for Rollins vocals as I'll agree that Dez's were both more suited for the band and just more interesting, but the quasi-Sabbath/sludge sound of that record has always stayed with me the most of all their material, probably cuz I'm such a big fan of Black Sabbath. I never really see the album badmouthed but on the same token I don't often meet folks who feel its their best.

  17. Thanks for all the great comments, guys!

    As far as the legacy of Black Flag singers' goes, I do enjoy most all the recordings with Henry. Just wanted to make that clear.

    Fuck, Black Flag is defintiely in the top five all-time greats in the rock world.

    Everybody has a favorite (and a story). I dig that!

  18. this blog is a daily stop for me, it's showed me that a lot of music exsisted that I might not of ever heard, just cause I was born a couple decades too late.


  19. Yo Scum!

    Thanks for the kind words.
    Glad I could be of service.

    Stop by and comment often, bro.

  20. Oh thank you LoRes for Dez-era live Black Flag. Even in today's uber-crappy economy, this is better than finding money cuz it lasts longer. 'Clocked In' live is just priceless. Fucking priceless. Everyone should grab this up to hear Black Flag done correctly. Rock on with yer bad ass self, LoRes. Enjoy kiddies.


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