The best of the Buffalo Hardcore scene in my opinion.

Terror is just an "okay" band by comparison with what Scott Vogel did back in the day, but then again I rarely listen to much of the whole new-or-old school moshcore stuff.

All in all, the entire catalog released by these guys is solid.

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Buried Alive - The Death of Your Perfect World

Comments would be nice - it's been like a fucking ghost town around here lately, fuck.

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  1. Killer to see yr listening to Burned Up Bled Dry. Awesome band/dudes.


  2. I snatched the Last Rites album on a sale bin a few months ago. Unfortunately it doesn't have any inlays. Have it on CT format though. That album is a good one so I will definitely try this one. Thanks!

  3. I agree with you - I tried to get into Terror, but it's either that Terror isn't as good as I remember Buried Alive being, or I'm just getting too old. It was really good to hear this again, haven't had the cd for years. Thanks!

  4. Oh shit! I was just listening to Slugfest and wishing I still had Despairs One Thousand Cries. that EP was sick.

    I dont care how generic all that stuff was, it had something to it that made it so vital.

    If you had Despair - One Thousand Cries I would love to have it again.

    Check the new Black Kites post on ZAFP too..

  5. Blend77 -

    Check the comments on your BLACK KITES post, or the C-box over to the right for the Despair link you asked for ;)

  6. thanks for the up! so much better than anything terror has done


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