Super drug-addled grunge from the former original drummer of TAD.
It's pretty good as far as "grunge" goes. I'm not even sure I'd call it that really, but seeing as it came from Seattle in 1992 it'd be hard for it NOT to be lumped into that whole "scene".

While it ain't as good as the early TAD records, it does have a hard edge that many of those flannel bands did not, plus you never see this around.

Definitely worthy of your listening, so check it out.

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Willard - Steel Mill

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  1. Yo dude - sorry for picking a random post to comment on, but I'll definitely swap links. I've had your blog in my reader for a while now. Awesome stuff on here. I'll throw your link up right now.

  2. Is this Steve Weid's band? This sounds promising--I'll check it out.

  3. We posted this on our blog long ago, and I forgot all about it, until I saw it posted here, so I dug it out and listened to the album this morning. It's a great album that not too many people probably have. Thanx for posting it here. I posted TAD on my blog, too, but he wrote to me and asked me to remove them. I guess he's re-issuing their back catalog on his web site....Anyways, bro, as usual your blog is 'the cat's meow' :)

  4. This sounds like a grungy slayer...does that make sense?

  5. In the pre-Fall of 1991 music world, did anyone else out there, besides us in the Midwest, recognize Grunge as being pretty much the same thing as the Noise, Stoner, Doom, and Sludge genres? And not just a label for whatever got popular that came from the Northwest in the early 90's. Listening to this Willard album is reminding me of that - good stuff! Too bad Grunge became less and less recognized as slow, stomping, noisy music, and is now etched into many people's minds as Pearl Jam, Mother Love Bone, and Candlebox.


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