Another record I was obsessed with a few years back.

I could rattle off some generic cliche' such as "boogie van rock mixed w/ math rock" but that ain't the case. Let's just say that with all the irony in the lyrics, there lies some FAT riffage, and the drumming is solid as fuck.

I saw these guys on this tour and it still stands as one of the greatest shows I have ever been witness to. The interplay between the seriously competent players was dynamic to watch, and "on top" of all that, some of these dudes were in the seminal hardcore band Merel, so there you go...

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Rye Coaliton - On Top

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  1. So disappointing what these guys turned into considering how amazing they started off.

    I've never heard of Merel, you ought to post them.

  2. Good band and good dudes. I saw their very first live show back in the early-mid 90's and have seen them many times since. They unfortunately got jerked around by a major label which definitely sidetracked them.

  3. Giving this a go


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